Why the sales person has to be a team leader

I have found that to succeed in the financial services industry today, you have to wear at least three hats: expert in your field; business person; and team leader. We have covered the need to be a product or service specialist in other articles, and will continue to write about this theme. In addition, the importance of being a good business person has been addressed, and more attention will be given to this in the future as well. This post will focus on being a team leader.

The bottom line is that it takes a team to service a client. There is no escaping that. An insurance or investment sales person simply cannot perform all the functions necessary to deliver client satisfaction. When I first entered the life insurance business almost three decades ago, I was educated about a behavioral-typing model that described a very effective client service team. The model looked like this:

Finder: the marketer who would prospect for new business.

Minder: the advisor who would simply pick up the phone and see how clients or prospects were doing.

Grinder: the technician who would provide quotes/illustrations/underwriting information.

Binder: the product or service expert who would be brought in to close a sale.

If you are in business for yourself, you always have to have some Finder in you. To generate ongoing activity, you have to connect with potential prospects. Either you do it yourself, or you pay people to do it via one of the many marketing methodologies available, both online and off. Then, when you come across a sales opportunity, you spring your team into action. And you know what? It’s a very good selling point to say that you have a team behind you of top-caliber professionals to get the job done thoroughly and accurately. Together, they back you in delivering the highest quality service to your client.

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