Underwriting and case management services for impaired risk/cases that need special handling

Through your strategic partnership with me, the Hardersen Group, and Crump, you now have access to a unique and extremely powerful platform of services. A summary is below. Our entire team is committed to helping you take full advantage of them.
Here are the benefits of our strategic partnership for placing tough life insurance cases:
A huge prospect pool awaits you. 
You can now help virtually anybody purchase life insurance. They may pose a higher risk with regards to meeting underwriting guidelines – medical, lifestyle, or financial. They may be high risk due to case management needs, or the overall application process. See below for a comprehensive list of the types of special-needs cases you can now handle.
You are now an exceptional resource to centers of influence.
You can now approach all the financial advisors you know and become the primary life insurance resource for them. Accountants, attorneys, investment managers, and planners all have clients who pose a wide variety of underwriting risks. They would greatly prefer to have a single comprehensive source for referring their clients, as opposed to one agency for the whole life cases, another for the term cases, and yet a third for the impaired risk.
You can deliver personalized, high-level service to every client.
Your commitment to every one of your clients can now be an application approved at the rate quoted. Darren and I have developed a highly effective prequalification process. We have enabled many, many applicants to apply for a policy confident of the outcome. This level of service is especially appreciated by people who have had trouble getting coverage, or who anticipate difficulty due to the higher risk they pose.
Concierge services can increase your efficiency and expertise at no cost to you.
Your entire sales operation can now receive both professional and administrative assistance that is unmatched in the industry. The underwriting team will complete the application paperwork for you, regardless of the size of the face amount. Your preliminary inquiries and formal applications will be fast-tracked. Attorneys, financial planners, and advanced underwriters are at your disposal for large case design. This entire platform of services is available to you at no charge or reduction in commission.
How to identify cases that need special handling 
Here is a list of indicators that your client is in need of special handling with their purchase of life insurance. They show high risk with regards to meeting underwriting guidelines – medical, lifestyle, and financial. They also show potentially high risk with regards to case management, and the overall application process. A senior level of “application management” could be needed to ensure advocacy for the client, and the procurement of complicated underwriting requirements.
Recreational drugs; prescription drugs; gambling; alcohol; sex.
Application history
Declined or rated on prior applications.
Non-US citizen; temporary US resident; foreign resident with business or financial ties in the US; US citizen living or traveling abroad.
Criminal record
Charges; convictions; time served; probation.
Face amount
Extraordinarily high face amount; multiple policies; multiple carriers.
Financial record
Bankruptcies; liens.
Premium financing; life settlements.
Health issues
Includes everything from the neurological to the psychological; from immune system deficiencies to build/weight.
Rock climbing; mountain climbing; scuba diving; parachuting; extreme sports; and many other adventurous pursuits.
Medical exam issues
Aversion to needles; hard to draw blood.
Medical records issues
No current records available; inconsistencies and inaccuracies in medical records.
Motor vehicle record
Excessive points; license suspensions; DWI.
Higher-risk job duties; environment; workplace.
Owner/beneficiary designations
Charitable giving; corporate-owned; trust-owned; third-party involvement.
Private pilot; all forms of recreational flying.
Job-related; leisure; missionary.