Three reasons for why wealth managers should not sell life insurance (themselves)

Wealth managers are ideally positioned to identify a need for life insurance in their clients. So are property and casualty brokers, bankers, group benefit consultants, investment advisors, and financial planners. However, there are pretty compelling reasons for not doing the selling yourself.

First of all, your professional expertise is in a different area. You don’t want to under-serve your client – who expects nothing but the best from you.

Second of all, you probably don’t have the type of relationship with your client through which complete prequalification can be completed. People need to feel comfortable talking about their depression history, or Colitis, or alcohol issues, or just plain reluctance to confront their own mortality. If you can’t guide them in going through full disclosure, then you will not be able to provide your general agent with thorough and accurate quote information, and so your life insurance quotes will not be both competitive and reliable.

Third of all, your business organization is probably not set up to give you access to the wide world of companies and products in the brokerage marketplace. Nor do you have the industry intelligence required to select the carrier that would be most competitive for each client from an underwriting point of view. How, then, can you be expected to make the best recommendation for your clients?

The solution to these problems is, of course, forming a strategic partnership with a life insurance firm that has the expertise, specialization, and business organization necessary to help each and every one of your clients get the best value for their life insurance premium dollar. When your client needs life insurance, simply refer them to the life insurance specialist so they can receive the personalized and superior level of service to which they have become accustomed.

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A sales seminar with Joe Cocanour, Director of Agency Services for Crump InsureNOW Direct.  Joe will focus on how wealth management firms can benefit from using our consulting team for cross-selling.

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