The five contrarian standards for selling life insurance

We contrarians get a lot of flack for rocking the boat. Many people are very uncomfortable with others who challenge the status quo. But you know what? Sometimes the status quo is not good enough. It takes a dedicated contrarian to raise the bar to where it should be.

I have been a contrarian life insurance salesman my entire career. Here are the five ways I have designed my contrarian sales model. I’ll elaborate further in this week’s seminar.

The five contrarian standards for selling life insurance:

  1. I am first and foremost a business person, ahead of a broker or financial advisor. If I can’t run my practice at a profit, I can’t run it at all.
  2. Contrary to popular myth, life insurance is bought, not sold – not the other way around.  If at the end of the day a prospect does not buy from me, it is not my family or business who will be unprotected.
  3. The value of life insurance is determined by underwriting – not riders, features, guarantees, or tax advantages. All these features are meaningless if the cost of the insurance is not competitive.
  4. Prequalification is the name of the game. If you can’t quote your client a reliable rate, you shouldn’t quote at all.

I specialize in one product. Excellence requires being a master of one trade, not a jack of all.

This week’s seminar will take place on Thursday, May 24th, 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.

A sales seminar with Steve Kobrin, LUTCF, principal and founder of The Kobrin Agency.

The five contrarian standards for selling life insurance.  Steve will elaborate on this Monday Memo topic on how he has designed his contrarian sales model. Questions and your own experiences are always welcome.

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