Superior life insurance services for business owners and executives

If you are looking for a door opener to the business market, your strategic partnership with Hardersen/Crump Office offers a platform of services that is unmatched in the industry. You can tell your business owner and executive prospects that you have the capability a meeting all their life insurance needs with a full team of underwriters, financial planners, and attorneys behind you. Here is a summary:
A full range of individual life insurance products: 
For personal needs: family protection; special-needs planning; estate preservation; and charitable giving.
For business needs: partnership agreement funding; key person indemnification; executive bonus plans; and business loan protection.
Superior underwriting and policy design:
A policy can be obtained for virtually any type of underwriting risk, from very healthy to people with a serious illness or adventurous hobby.
Favorable funding terms can be arranged including premium financing, and the sale of existing policies.
Available products range from low-cost term, to jumbo policies with face amounts of $100 million or more.
Complimentary consulting services:
Audit of existing life insurance policies.
Review of Buy-sell agreement. 
Informal business valuation. (Sufficient for buy-sell funding.)
Additional products:
Disability insurance policies designed for owners and executives are also available.
Long term care insurance and fixed annuities are available as well.
Virtually every carrier and product in the brokerage marketplace is in our inventory, including excess-market carriers for extraordinary needs.