Talking points for promoting your firm as a resource for life insurance.

”Yes, dear client, we can handle your life insurance!”

Talking points for promoting your firm as a resource for life insurance.

Financial services firms are very well-positioned to cross sell-life insurance. The clients of financial planners, investment advisors, P&C brokers, and group benefit consultants also have a need for life insurance. The challenge is reassuring your clients they will receive the same superior level of service they currently enjoy from you, in a product line that is not your area of specialization.

The good news here is that you do not have to be a specialist in yet another product line in order to deliver premium quality life insurance brokerage services to your clients. The strategic partnership between your firm and mine gives them the best of both worlds: access to a professional life insurance expert, but at the same time, accountability to you as their client representative.

Here are the three key talking points you should make as your brand yourself as a resource for life insurance for your clients and prospects:

1. You have a full “life insurance department” in your firm.

It is staffed by experts and their professional support staff, who serve as consultants for you and your clients. All types of risks – from preferred to high-risk, and all sizes of policies – from low-cost term to jumbo estate and business planning – can be accommodated.

2. All your clients will be prequalified before submitting a formal application.

The quotes provided will be both competitive and reliable. Your clients will know the carrier, product, and price prior to submitting an application. They can then be confident of an approval of the rate quoted.

3. You remain their personal financial advisor.

You are responsible for the satisfaction of your client, as always. Your life insurance department personnel report to you. The medical profession has the same model. You have a personal physician, who may refer you to a specialist for a specific problem. But that specialist reports to your general practitioner, who is ultimately responsible for patient care.

Similarly, you are ultimately responsible for your client’s financial care. My firm is the life insurance specialist hired to solve the life insurance problem. But we work for you and your client.