Getting Started With Our Strategic Partnership

1. The overall goal is to increase revenue from life insurance sales. By adding me to your “client service team,” you’ll be taking on the professional capability needed to provide optimum client service for this critical area of financial need.

2. I will complement the current core proficiencies of your firm. If you do sell life insurance, and are expert at low-cost term and/or jumbo cases, then I will handle the higher-risk and special needs cases. 

3. If you do not sell life insurance, and are expert in other product lines, then my firm will handle all life insurance sales, both low-risk in high-risk.

4. If you simply have an overflow of life cases, then my firm will pick up the slack to make sure no client is neglected.

5. Either way, your firm will now have the capability of servicing virtually all clients, regardless of the level of underwriting risk they pose.

6. Very importantly, my firm will provide the level of senior “applications management” that is always necessary to secure an approval at the rate quoted.

7. Our partnership will carry with it no obligations or formal agreement. You and I will each earn our slot on one another’s “preferred provider” list. As long as you continue to deliver quality prospects, and I continue to deliver quality brokerage services, we will be a match 🙂