Three must-haves for financial firms who want to sell life insurance

Now more than ever, financial firms want their representatives to sell life insurance. Wealth managers, stock brokerages, accountants, senior product brokerages, banks, employee benefit firms, and others realize the tremendous potential of entering this marketplace. Their clients need the product, and the commissions are great. Why not do it?

As with anything else, there’s a good way, a bad way, and an ugly way to get it done. Here are three essential factors that need to be in place in order for your firm to be successful selling life insurance. Without all three, the odds of failure – or at best mediocre service – loom large.

Expertise in the product.

Your clients have become accustomed to superior service from you in your core area of proficiency, be that investments, accounting, or whatever. Don’t disappoint them by settling for second-best when it comes to life insurance consulting. Make sure you have an expert on staff, or form a strategic partnership with an expert. Otherwise, you stand a chance of not only losing the life insurance sale, but jeopardizing their patronage for your primary services.

Make sure all your representatives have a pro-life insurance attitude.

You have to believe in a product to sell it effectively. People are persuaded by the conviction a salesperson has. There’s a lot of misconceptions and ignorance about life insurance out there. Your clients will need your advice and counsel to fully appreciate the value of this product. You will have to show them the key role it should play in their financial portfolio, and in the future of their family, business, and favorite charity.

If you don’t see this for yourself, you will never be able to educate your clients about it.

Management should be fully committed to life insurance sales.

If you want your clients and prospects to view your firm as their primary resource for their life insurance, you need to make a full-time commitment to the life insurance business. Sure, it will take time to develop an in-house capability or strategic partnership with an outside firm; nonetheless, every step along the way you need to send out the message that your firm is as much about selling life insurance as it is about providing your core service.

If you simply treat the product as an add-on, then your smart clients will go to other firms who specialize in the product. After all – wouldn’t you if you were them? Why settle for less with something so important?

This week’s seminar will take place on Thursday, December 21st, 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST.

“Three must-haves for financial firms who want to sell life insurance”

A sales seminar with Joe Cocanour, Director of Agency Services for Crump InsureNOW Direct.

Joe is our Crump contact for setting up institutional clients. He will provide insights on how banks, investment firms, and insurance agencies use InsureNOW Direct for cross-selling life insurance to their clients.


Find out how you can generate significant override income by helping financial institutions form strategic partnerships with Crump, so their representatives can take advantage of these cross-selling opportunities by using our consulting team.


Very important note: only brokers who have signed up with Crump and are participating in our strategic partnership will be given access. If you have not yet filed your paperwork with Darren, please do so now! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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